Sea Hunt Boats

Sea Hunt Boat Company’s desire to give the boat owner the most boat for their money created the vision by which it operates. Sea Hunt strives to be the best value in the marine industry by combining the highest quality materials, craftsmanship, boat design, performance and styling.

Sea Hunt Boat Company began in 1995 when a father - son team started building center console fishing boats in a small plant outside of Columbia, South Carolina. Demand for the elite product caused expansion of the facilities and product line at a comfortable pace to insure that the original attention to details and high quality was never lost. By 2004 the little boat company that started in a one room shop expanded to a compact boat building plant that was bursting at the seams. Sea Hunt’s commitment to customer service and dealer support propelled the company to a defining point…Relocation and Expansion! In March 2006, Sea Hunt started operations in a state of the art 170,000 square foot facility, with the same values that were responsible
for our growth.


One of the main factors of Sea Hunt’s success is the

  • performance of the boats
  • how soft and dry they ride
  • and how well they perform with a variety of different horsepowers.

This performance is result of many different factors. There is more of an explanation about the performance of a Sea Hunt than the transom deadrise measurement. What is equally important is the deadrise at midship and at the entry.

Sea Hunt incorporates a progressive V in the bottom of the boats. At the transom, the angle is between 15 and 21 degrees, depending on the model and progresses to 50 to 60 degrees at the entry. The benefit is that a 15 to 21 degree deadrise will be more stable when at rest and when you throttle up, Sea Hunt’s will come on plane quicker, without excess bow rise. This also aids in the boats tracking flat through turns. Looking at the Sea Hunt bow, you can see the sharp V, 50 to 60 degrees; this creates a soft smooth ride while underway. Viewing the Sea Hunt’s custom designed hulls, the Carolina Flair is apparent. Not only is this a very classic look but it keeps the boats dry. These hulls are specifically designed with the passengers comfort in mind.